Welcome to Uk Rabbit Hutches

Our aim is to offer you the best quality living spaces for all your pets needs.

We offer a wide range of pet homes including Rabbit Hutches, Guinea pig hutches, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Runs, Tortoise Runs and Kitten pens.

Our hutches come in various sizes including single hutches, double hutches, two storey hutches and activity hutches.

We also have a range of hutch and run combinations as your pet needs plenty of room to exercise and be in a environment.

Our large rabbit hutches and runs comply with RSPCA - RWAF and Blue Cross recommendations.

We also offer a great range of kitten pens, kitten breeding boxes and cat kennels

All our products are hand made to order using good quality materials.

Do any of our products not meet your individual needs?

Just let us know so we can make adjustments to fulfil your own requirements.

8ft Rabbit Hutch