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  1. Ordered a bespoke hutch and run, what arrived was just what we wanted. Very sturdy and safe have complete peace of mind would not buy from anywhere else.

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  2. What fantastic service! I have just had my rabbit run delivered in person and even put together too. How refreshing to have a bit of the old style customer service that is very hard to find these days. The rabbit run is superb as well, very high quality. Definitely to be recommended. Thank you!

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  3. I am a mini lop breeder and I have bought all my hutches and runs from Rabbit Hutches UK. They are all built to a very high standard and service is second to none. Nothing is too much of a problem. Would highly recommend.

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  4. I'm very pleased with the quality and customer services. I fully recommend UK Rabbit Hutches. Don't go anywhere else.

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